Pooling Blood
by Cheryl D'Ambrosio
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About the book...

When Cheryl first became involved with Tony, a widower, and his two young daughters, she soon found out they had been living a life that was full of terrifying situations. 

She tried to find ways to make their lives seem normal.  But, after fifteen years, normal never happened.  Both girls were born with a rare form of hemophilia, called severe factor V deficiency.  According to most medical books, girls don't have hemophilia or bleeding disorders. 

This is a unique collection of stories spanning thirty years.  It is the first book published that shares an intimate glimpse of the lives of two girls who were born with severe hemophilia.  It shares how the parents became seasoned experts in the field of hemophilia, in order to figure out strategies to not only keep their daughters alive, but to help them lead happy and productive lives. 

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The book also describes the current state of our medical community that is yet to understand that girls can be born with hemophilia. The physicians also do not yet understand the urgency to "treat first, diagnose later", for those patients who have a diagnosed bleeding disorder and are having a bleeding episode.

Study Guides to lead intradisciplinary discussions within the medical community are included in this book.

Study guides to provide guidance for girls with bleeding disorders are included in this book.

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An article in Volume 20, May 2010 Parents Empowerment Newsletter (PEN), by L A Kelley Communications, Inc. provided some insight about Cheryl and her book Pooling Blood. The article: ==>Girls with Bleeding Disorders: Building a History.